What is DriverMod Industries?

DriverMod Industries is an aftermarket automotive performance parts dealer made up of a community of automotive enthusiasts.

What first started as an idea to unite like-minded automotive enthusiasts has quickly evolved into what we are today.

With that in mind, DriverMod Industries has one main idea that is the driving force behind any decisions it makes;

Support the driver not the vehicle

We have been able to build the brand that we are today while retaining our grassroots.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a team of individuals that work for DriverMod Industries who not only live by the ideas we have but have been part of the DriverMod Industries community.

How it all started

When our founder purchased his first car, a 1997 Honda Accord, at the age of 16 he immediately sought out a local Honda forum to meet with like-minded car enthusiasts. But while connecting with other drivers was great, he noticed a frustrating trend: only similar vehicles gathered together. “Honda” drivers gathered together, and even though he had an interest in learning about different vehicles, he was encouraged to only park with cars of the same make or model.

DriverMod Industries, though officially formed in 2016, is a response to that mindset. By shifting the focus from the vehicles to the car enthusiasts themselves. We at DriverMod Industries seek to give back to the community that made us. From motorcycles, to classic cars, to modified foreign vehicles, trucks, and more, all enthusiasts matter to us — if you have a passion for what you drive, then we have a passion for you. We want to unite and connect drivers together regardless of the vehicle they drive and focus on the passion they share.

Meet our team!

DriverMod Industries was founded by the community for the community. Everyone who is apart of our awesome team is also part of the DriverMod community!


Shelby Salas



Briana Ann

Sales Coordinator

Kylee Bailey

Logistics Manager

Steve Meyers

Truck/V8 Product Specialist

dmi pic

Devan Harle

ATV/UTV Product Specialist


Preston Holyfield

Euro Product Specialist

Dominic Miata

Wheel Specialist


Rob Barcroft

Offroad Product Specialist