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Ksport Gravel Rally GR Damper System Coilovers Toyota Celica ST185 (1990-1993)

The Ksport Gravel Rally Toyota Celica Coilovers are built to handle the abuse of the gravel rally racing circuit. The system features a lengthened shock stroke combined with longer springs (ranging from 250mm to 270mm) which allow it to easily absorb uneven road conditions. In addition, the Gravel Rally Coilover Kit also features heavy duty top plates and lower mounts for added strength and durability. Ride height can be adjusted +/- 30mm from OE ride height.
Spring Rates(kg/mm)
Front: 6
Rear: 5
Works With
Toyota Celica 1990-1993 ST185 AWD, All-Trac, GT-Four
AWD, All-Trac, GT-Four

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