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Ksport Kontrol Plus 2 Way Adjustable Damper System Coilovers Audi TT Quattro (2006-2014)

The Ksport Kontrol Plus 2-Way Coilovers for Audi TT Quattro provide the ultimate in adjustability for enthusiasts and professionals seeking the maximum in performance and durability. With years of engineering, testing and development, this coilover system has been perfected in virtually every facet of motorsports, ranging from drifting to time attack or circuit driving. The key component to these coilovers is the utilization of remote reservoirs that provide separate adjustments for rebound and compression, as well as nitrogen gas pressure. With over 864 possible settings the Kontrol Plus 2-Way Coilovers provide the ultimate in suspension performance for your Audi TT Quattro.
Spring Rates(kg/mm)
Front: 10.5
Rear: 8
Works With
Audi TT Quattro 2006-2014 AWD model
AWD model