Stacy The Crazy


Now, if you want to talk about someone with balls, this guy Stacy was your man. This guy was getting so close that he’d lose chunks of his bumper whenever he drifted in our corner.

In his defense, the crowd that was around us was taunting and daring him to get closer each time he passed. He was definitely up for the challenge though.

Each pass, he got progressively closer, almost like the pendulum blade closing in on its condemned target. I did my best not to flinch every time he ‘swung’ by, unlike many of the timid viewers that were around me.

There was no question that the adrenaline was pumping, as it almost felt like I was playing chicken with death itself. Then, the inevitable happened. As he was closing in on the end of his run, he came in a little too hot and ended up smashing up against the wall right in front of us. That was the moment I knew I had to talk to this guy. I caught up with him later on while he was working on his car getting it ready to go back out. He started out riding dirt bikes, and said he got bored of them (which hurt to hear because I really love my dirt bikes). He got into cars about six years ago and had been ‘beating them up ever since’. When I had asked him about what he was feeling while he was out there, he said;

“I was feeling every emotion possible. You’re happy. You’re pumped. You’re concentrating on what you’re doing; you’re just so pumped!” He had a palpable feeling of excitement about him, which made it easy to determine that this guy was definitely passionate about what he did out there on the track. “It’s even more exciting when you see the crowd getting into it and you get to feed off of each others energy, it’s great, an all around good vibe.”

I expected him to have a beast of an engine due to the fact that he broke traction easily and kept the drift going through the entire turn, unlike many of the other modded out cars that were just spinning around like Eddy Gordo from Tekken.

When we popped the hood, it was quickly realized that it was just Stacy’s ‘driver mod’ that made him look so good out there, because that car was damn near bone stock. He had a single cam KA24 engine, which was pushing only 120hp at the wheel, which was pretty incredible with how good he looked out there.

Stacy was the highlight of the event that night, and to me was the epitome of what DriverMod Industries looks for every time we go out.